DDI Calls For Events To Mark D-Day 70th

Friday, June 6th 2014 will be the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings and the beginning of Operation Overlord. To mark the occasion, Dust Devils International has put out a call for Dust players to run Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare events over the anniversary weekend.

If you’d like to run a D-Day 70 event, get scheming now, and be sure to register the event on the DDI website. You could run a casual meet & greet, a tournament, a demo day, or pretty much any kind of event that involves playing Dust!

Also, be sure to send details of your event to hello AT unitforward.com and I’ll post the news here on UF for even more exposure. Let’s get together and mark D-Day 70 as only the Dust community can!

2b || !2b: Start Of The M26 Journey

Everick (long time no see!) at 2b || !2b has updated with a quick post (in French) about, and photo of the Tamiya M26 Pershing that recently arrived over in France.

The M26 Pershing kit is easily the most popular and most modded non-Dust kit in the Dust community at the moment. I’m not quite sure why it’s so desirable, but then it is a nice kit when built and painted up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it appear as an official Dust model at some point in the future.

CaZ: Sturmpioniere And M3 Walker Inspections

Clash957 has updated Clash at Zverograd again with a couple of new Unit Inspections. This time around, the Axis Sturmpioniere, command squad for the Blutkreuz platoon, goes under the spotlight as Clash looks at heroes, weapons, and ways to utilise these guys on the weird war battlefield.

Also, the Allied M3 medium walker goes into the examination room for a look at what the Cobra and Rattler can do in battle.

Dust At Salute 2014!

The 2014 edition of Salute, the UK’s biggest wargaming show, will take place tomorrow, April 12th at the ExCeL Centre in Docklands, London. Among the crazy amount of traders, demonstration games and participation games, Battlefront will be there with a nice Dust table showing off some weird war action on the grid.

Battlefront Dust table for Salute 2014

This will be Dust’s first appearance at the show as a demo game, and you’ll be able to buy Dust products from some of the traders who will be there.

I’ll be there walking around with a camera and trying not to spend too much money (believe me, at Salute, that’s hard!). If you’re going to the show, be sure to stop by and say hello!

Tactics 2.0 Rules, D48 Unit Cards, Changes

Battlefront has posted an update on World of Dust with several updates across the Dust games. A PDF of the complete Tactics 2.0 rules is now available, along with PDFs featuring the special rules and a table of contents. Tellingly, the missing part of this post is the rules for Tactics: Battlefield, the gridless version of Tactics that will be included in the new book. You can get a very rough idea of what the new game will be like from the table of contents, though.

Also in this update are new official Tactics and Warfare cards for several Dust 48 models including the Otto and Recon Mickey, as well as new cards for the Axis Zombies and Konigsluther heavy walker.

Finally, the update features an article by Battlefront’s Phil Yates in which he talks about why Tactics has changed the way it has.

Adepticon 2014 Dust Warfare DDI Report

Over at the DDI website, Ken Squires has posted a nice recap of the Dust Warfare tournament held at Adepticon 2014 last weekend. The article includes the top 8 results and army lists from the top three players, representing Allies and SSU. Lots of photos are included in the post as well.

Congratulations to Jason Turner (@wienas on Twitter) for winning the event. Here’s to an even bigger and better tournament at next year’s Adepticon!

Justine & Co. Set 2 Announced

On the ODFG, Paolo Parente announced a new Justine & Co. maintenance contractors set. This set is themed around the forthcoming Babylon releases, and sees the maintenance ladies dressed for the warmer weather!

Justine & Co Set 2

The figures are all resin and should be available directly from Dust Studio soon. More photos can be found on the Facebook thread.

Recon Head Swaps And Jagdluther Spotlight

Battlefront has updated World of Dust with a couple of Axis-related updates. The first of these is an article on how to convert the Recon Grenadiers found in the new starter set (who are now called “The Ghosts” on the grid) into a Sturmpioniere unit. This will be handy if you’d like to try a Blutkreuz platoon, or need another Blut command section.

The cards shown are for Tactics, but you might notice one or two Warfare-esque keywords on them, such as “Suppressed”. These relate to “Tactics: Battlefield”, which appears to be the real name for what the community has called “Gridless Tactics” for a while.

The other spotlight looks at the new Jagdluther walker that should appear on shelves any day now. You definitely do not want your vehicles to get into the sights of this monster! Both Warfare and Tactics cards appear on this spotlight, and it seems that a new “Dust Miniatures” logo is on the box, a welcome addition!

CaZ: Inspecting KV3 And Heavy Flak

Clash957 has updated Clash at Zverograd with two new Unit Inspections. First up, the SSU KV-3 heavy walkers, Matrioshka and Babushka, go into the examination room as Clash has a look at what they’re all about. After that, the Axis Heavy Flak Grenadiers step in for their turn under the Clash spotlight.

As always, the inspections look at things like suitable upgrades, hero pairings, weapons and unit tactics. Good reading if you think you’ll face one of these units in your next match!

Dust Elite Jagdluther Kit Coming Soon

Over on the ODFG, Paolo Parente announced that an Axis Jagdluther kit will be released soon for Dust Elite members. The kit is the first in a series of self-assembly Dust kits.

Dust Elite Axis Jagdluther Kit

Dust models usually come pre-assembled, but some people have asked for unassembled kits for various reasons, such as conversions or simply because they like to build their models. No details are available on when this kit will go on sale, but it shouldn’t be too long from now.

CaZ: Inspections And Maneuvers

Clash957 has updated Clash at Zverograd with some more Unit Inspections and a new Field Maneuvers article. The latest units to step under the inspection spotlight are the Hell Boys and the M6 heavy walker for the Allies, the Recon Grenadiers for the Axis, and the one and only Winter Child for the SSU.

The Field Maneuvers article takes a quick look at split firing, including when you might or might not want to use it.

New Dust Decals Added To Dust Studio Store

Dust Studio has added two new Dust decal sheets to their store. The first sheet contains a set of tactical markings for Axis walkers, designed by DDI and Dust World Expo organiser Rick Ivansek. The other sheet features kill marks that can be added to vehicles from any faction.

The decals are all 1/48 scale and the sheets cost $5 (about £3) each including shipping. They’re available now.

CaZ: Inspecting Lasers And Heroes

Clash957 recently posted a couple of new Unit Inpections over at Clash at Zverograd. First up, he puts the SSU hero Koshka along with her walker Grand’ma under the microscope to see what they can do in Dust Warfare. After that, the Axis Laser Grenadiers take the spotlight.

The inspections feature the usual generous helping of information on things like upgrades, weapons, tactics and an overall rating. All good stuff!

Border War In Ontario

On April 5th (yep, that’s International Tabletop Day), Black Knight Games in Hamilton, Ontario, will host Border War, a tournament that will pit teams from the US in a weird war fight against teams from Canada. It’ll be a 300 AP dance and entry costs $10.

Border War, Black Knight Games, Hamilton, ON

Places for the event are mostly full, but if you want to play then the organisers might still be able to squeeze you in. Check out the event’s page for all the details including the email address to ping.

Warfare Cards Are Real!

On World of Dust, Battlefront has posted an update on how the new Dust Tactics cards will work when those card packs are released. Along with that, they posted this little image, too.

Dust Warfare decks at Battlefront

The Dust Warfare cards might have missed their March (and February) release dates, but it looks like they do exist, and will hopefully be in our hands soon.

Jagdluther And Reissues Appear

The UK hobby retailer Wayland Games has put up some new and reissued Dust products on their website, including what appears to be the start of the Babylon product series. The Axis Jagdluther (or, according to the product page, Tropical Jagdluther) has gone up for pre-order, with an expected release date of April 5th in the UK.

Also within the Dust section are new dice packs for all three factions (these are the new dice from the starter boxes) along with a reissue of the Pounder medium walker for the Allies, which only seems to contain the Pounder variant and not the Steel Rain or Mickey. Reissue boxes are also up for the Konigsluther and Axis Zombies, both of which seem to have increased in price by a couple of notes.

Of course, these products are not exclusive to Wayland, and are also available at, for example, Tor Gaming. They should all be available soon wherever Dust is sold.

A Loft Full of Lead: Finished P48

Coronasan has updated A Loft Full of Lead with a couple of photos of, and a few words on his finished P48 Pelican. It’s a nice, simple paintjob that shows that you don’t have to go nuts to make Dust aircraft look good.

Sometimes we get trapped in the quest for beautiful and complicated paint schemes, when a few block colours and a wash is all that’s actually needed!