Makati Underground: Chronos Updates

The Operation Chronos campaign continues on Makati Underground with more updates including Zaitsev’s Ghosts Week 2 part 1, part 2 and part 3, and Silent Puppets Wave 1 and Wave 2. The updates feature the usual mix of journal entries and prose.

Chronos is actually a Tactics campaign that the Makati guys are playing in-store over in the Philippines, and it’s nice that they’re documenting it, albeit in a slightly-fragmented way. After all, Dust fluff has always been system-agnostic.

The Chattering Horde: The Axis Are Coming…

Over at The Chattering Horde, Oliver (aka TheVoodooOrk on YouTube) has posted an update featuring some Axis infantry that were sitting in a cupboard for some time. So, recently he decided to get some paint on them and took some photos of the results.

Kommandotrupp. Painting and photo by Oliver Bayley.

Check out more photos including other units over on the blog. It has been a while since Dust was featured over there, and it’s nice to see it make a return.

Gen Con 2014 Dust Tournament Signups Now Open

This year’s Dust Warfare and Dust Tactics North American Championships will be held at Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN, on Saturday August 16, 2014. The Warfare tournament costs $14 to enter and the Tactics event $12 (in addition to your Gen Con badge cost), and both will start at 7pm. Yes, these are evening events, so you can enjoy the Saturday at the con, then play some Dust later on!

More details can be found on the DDI website, and if you’re logged in to the Gen Con site you’ll find the booking pages for the Warfare event and the Tactics event over there.

Let’s fill these events and give Dust another good showing at Gen Con!

PSR: Dust Warfare Core And Campaign PDFs

If you would like to play Dust Warfare, but you or your local game store (LGS) are having trouble with obtaining the Dust Warfare rulebook and campaign books, don’t forget the PDF option! The core rulebook and the FFG-published campaign books, Zverograd, Hades and Icarus, are all available in PDF format from and their associated websites (DriveThruRPG etc.) The core rules cost $19.99, and the campaign books are $9.95 each. They’ll go nicely on your tablet or smartphone, and you could even print them out if you’re feeling brave!

In addition, the first campaign book published by Battlefront, Achilles, is free to download on World of Dust and features mechanised platoons as well as stats and profiles for units introduced in the Achilles wave, including those notorious SSU Steel Guard.

Although the core rules are obviously an essential purchase, some would say that the campaign books aren’t needed these days with the existence of the official Dust Warfare cards, and that is somewhat true. However, the campaign books do explain things like aircraft rules in greater detail than the cards can, so might be worth picking up if you’d like an in-depth explanation of something.

Allied Pelican Model Kit Goes On Pre-Order

The second unassembled plastic Dust model kit has appeared in the pre-order section of the Dust Studio website. The kit features the Allies’ P48-C Pelican, known as Stormstrike in Tactics/Battlefield and Diving Dotty in Warfare.

Stormstrike/Diving Dotty model kit. Image: Dust Studio.

This kit follows the Axis Jagdluther that was announced earlier this year. The Pelican will cost $58 including shipping, and should be available soon.

CaZ: SSU and Allies Inspections

Clash at Zverograd has seen more Unit Inspections hit the site. In the latest round, the Allied hero Johnny One-Eye, the SSU Chinese Volunteers and the SSU Silent Death sniper team all go under the CaZ spotlight to find out how they work, who else they could work with, and what kind of list they could work in.

In addition, CaZ recently celebrated 10,000 views on the site. Congrats, Clash, it’s well deserved!

Babylon Kickstarter Ends On Over $500k

The Operation Babylon kickstarter has ended, raising over $500,000 USD including retail pledges which amounted to roughly $100,000. The total number of backers isn’t publicly known at the moment, although the KS page shows 1475 backers through Kickstarter alone, with more to be added through retail. This Kickstarter project proved that retail pledges work, and the onus is now on Kickstarter to build further functionality into the site so that retail pledges can be reflected in the on-site totals.

A preview of the Operation Babylon campaign book for Dust Tactics has been made available to backers, as well as Babylon unit cards and second edition cards for Tactics and Warfare (the Warfare cards seem to be what was already released in the Force Decks). It isn’t clear how these will be made available to LGS backers, but Battlefront should be able to figure out a way.

Many of the pledges are due for delivery in August, and some of the later additions to the project are scheduled for September. Congratulations to Dust Studio and Battlefront for a successful Kickstarter campaign!

CaZ: Inspecting Ozz 117

Clash957 has posted a new Unit Inspection on Clash at Zverograd in which he takes a look at Ozz 117, a somewhat underplayed Soldier 3 Allies hero. The rundown includes units that Ozz could be attached to, his weapons, and a bit of general discussion about him.

Ozz is one of those heroes who isn’t really a staple unit, but might show up in an army one day and surprise you!

Mercenaries, Dust’s Fourth Faction

Over the weekend, the Sisters of Demolition were unlocked in the Operation Babylon kickstarter. These ladies are Mercenaries and can be added to any army, but they’re also their own faction and have their own faction symbol. Although this is the only known Mercenary unit right now, at long last Dust has its fourth faction!

Sisters of Demolition. Photo: Battlefront.

There are also rumblings that Red Yana will be available in Mercenary form, because in the lore she becomes tired of the SSU and decides to strike out on her own.

In addition to the Sisters, there was more activity on the KS. Decals, terrain, and more infantry were all unlocked, along with extra walker bodies. Oh yes, and a new SSU twin-tesla tank…

Aleksandr Vasilevsky SSU tank. Render: Battlefront.

Dust already had a reputation for having models that even people who don’t play the games want to buy. Babylon isn’t helping to dispel that (which isn’t a bad thing!). The kickstarter currently stands at around $466,000 including retail pledges, with 3 days left until it ends.

Babylon KS Swapping Explained & New Stretches

The 50th update has been posted on the Operation Babylon kickstarter with information on how in-pledge swapping works. Battlefront has frequently explained this in the comments, but it always gets pushed down by new comments, so newer backers tend to ask questions that have already been answered. That post is a go-to place to get the lowdown on those swapping questions.

The update also reveals some new stretch goals (well, technically one stretch goal) which will be unlocked at $425k including retail pledges, or $325k as actually displayed on the kickstarter page. These include a new SSU tank, two new Axis infantry units, and two new SSU infantry units. The kickstarter includes units from Black Sands, the expansion after Babylon, so these units might not appear at retail for some time, although we don’t yet know exactly which units will appear in which expansion.

Operation Chronos: Shadowfall

The next installment of the Operation Chronos fan-fiction has gone up on Makati Underground. In this part, an Allied soldier tries to make sense of his current situation, just before his unit receives the order to move out. He then finds out why they’re going.

The more the Chronos story develops, the more it would make for an excellent scenario on the tabletop!

Babylon Kickstarter Updates

The Operation Babylon kickstarter has rolled into the $300k mark (including retail pledges which can’t be reflected on the project’s page), and several updates have been posted.

First up, all pledges over $100 will receive a copy of Operation Achilles, Battlefront’s way of saying thanks for all the support. The kickstarter has certainly changed a lot over the last few weeks, and a big reason for that is community feedback.

Some sneak peeks of future unlocks were also posted, including an Axis mortar team, a female mercenary team silhouette, and this example of what might happen if Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2 were on the SSU vehicular design team!

Unnamed SSU tank from the Operation Babylon kickstarter. Photo: Battlefront.

Shipping rates for certain parts of the world were also confirmed, and a video showing how to play Tactics 2.0 and Battlefield was also added that manages to pack a lot of info into seven minutes and change.

Operation Chronos Continues

Makati Underground has been updated with a some more installments from Operation: Chronos. A couple more prologues set the scene as the mysterious “Patient zero” experiment is carried out in “The Silent Puppets“, and Kaptian Tanya plans her next move with the Ghosts of Zaitsev.

Following that, the conflict kicks off in “It Has Begun” and “Steel Wind“. If you haven’t already, check out the first prologue, too.

Battlefield Scenarios, Platoons And Templates

Battlefront has posted some new Battlefield PDFs over on World of Dust. They include a couple of scenarios from the rulebook, the templates you’ll need to play, and some platoons, including a couple that aren’t in the rulebook.

The post also contains a link to a Babylon kickstarter poster for store owners who want to display their support for the kickstarter, and let people know that they can pledge at their store.

D-Day 70

Seventy years ago today, Operation Neptune, aka the D-Day landings, began as part of Operation Overlord — the invasion of Nazi-held Europe. It was a massive operation, involving thousands of troops over all three military disciplines: land, air and sea.

The scale of Operation Overlord. Infographic by BBC Education.

If it wasn’t for the brave men and women involved, history might have taken a much darker course. Thank you to every person who fought for the Allies, both within the armed forces and within communities on the continent, and here’s to many more years without a war in Europe.