CaZ: Inspecting Lasers And Heroes

Clash957 recently posted a couple of new Unit Inpections over at Clash at Zverograd. First up, he puts the SSU hero Koshka along with her walker Grand’ma under the microscope to see what they can do in Dust Warfare. After that, the Axis Laser Grenadiers take the spotlight.

The inspections feature the usual generous helping of information on things like upgrades, weapons, tactics and an overall rating. All good stuff!

Border War In Ontario

On April 5th (yep, that’s International Tabletop Day), Black Knight Games in Hamilton, Ontario, will host Border War, a tournament that will pit teams from the US in a weird war fight against teams from Canada. It’ll be a 300 AP dance and entry costs $10.

Border War, Black Knight Games, Hamilton, ON

Places for the event are mostly full, but if you want to play then the organisers might still be able to squeeze you in. Check out the event’s page for all the details including the email address to ping.

Warfare Cards Are Real!

On World of Dust, Battlefront has posted an update on how the new Dust Tactics cards will work when those card packs are released. Along with that, they posted this little image, too.

Dust Warfare decks at Battlefront

The Dust Warfare cards might have missed their March (and February) release dates, but it looks like they do exist, and will hopefully be in our hands soon.

Jagdluther And Reissues Appear

The UK hobby retailer Wayland Games has put up some new and reissued Dust products on their website, including what appears to be the start of the Babylon product series. The Axis Jagdluther (or, according to the product page, Tropical Jagdluther) has gone up for pre-order, with an expected release date of April 5th in the UK.

Also within the Dust section are new dice packs for all three factions (these are the new dice from the starter boxes) along with a reissue of the Pounder medium walker for the Allies, which only seems to contain the Pounder variant and not the Steel Rain or Mickey. Reissue boxes are also up for the Konigsluther and Axis Zombies, both of which seem to have increased in price by a couple of notes.

Of course, these products are not exclusive to Wayland, and are also available at, for example, Tor Gaming. They should all be available soon wherever Dust is sold.

A Loft Full of Lead: Finished P48

Coronasan has updated A Loft Full of Lead with a couple of photos of, and a few words on his finished P48 Pelican. It’s a nice, simple paintjob that shows that you don’t have to go nuts to make Dust aircraft look good.

Sometimes we get trapped in the quest for beautiful and complicated paint schemes, when a few block colours and a wash is all that’s actually needed!

CaZ: Inspecting The Boss

Clash957 has posted a new Unit Inspection on Clash at Zverograd in which he takes a look at the Allied Ranger Command Squad, aka The Boss.

The Combat Platoon has the special order, “Fire for Effect.” This is one of the more useful special orders in Dust Warfare provided to set yourself up to use it. “Fire for Effect” gives the platoon an off table artillery weapon they can use each Command Phase provided they have a unit with the Artillery Strike special ability such as the radioman in the The Boss squad. This artillery weapon is the 220mm Long Tom.

The review goes over the units abilities, as well as weapons, heroes, upgrades and other units that would work well with them.

Dust Chronicles Online

The crew behind the excellent Dust Chronicles magazine have decided to discontinue the PDF version of the magazine. It’ll be an online-only magazine from now on, hosted on the DDI website. Several new articles are already up, including issue 2 of the Zed City comic, and a revealing interview with Battlefront’s Phil Yates that has caused much discussion lately within the “Dust Internet”.

Previous issues of the magazine are still available in the Dust Chronicles archives, and the team is always looking for article submissions.

CaZ: Triple Axis Unit Showdown

Clash957 has updated Clash at Zverograd with a great article that compares three Axis Soldier 2 units — the Battle Grenadiers, Recon Grenadiers and Laser Grenadiers — against each other.

My suggestion for the Laser Grenadiers is to think of them more like they are a long range shotgun unit. They need to get close to their target to really cause damage. When used with a Sniper to suppress an enemy soldier squad, they are near guaranteed to finish them off unless they have a hero.

The article looks at what each of the squads can do on the table, and also how they might work within an Axis army. Well worth a read!

Dust Warfare UK Open 2014 Tickets Now Available

Tickets for both the UK Games Expo and the Dust Warfare UK Open 2014 (third from bottom on the page) have gone on sale over on the UKGE site. You’ll need one of both to take part in the tournament, given that you need to gain entry to the Expo to play! A tournament ticket costs £8, and the cost of an Expo ticket varies depending on how many days you’re going to.

The UK Open will be the biggest and most high profile UK Dust Warfare tournament so far this year, and I hope that plenty of people will come out to support the game at the Expo.

More Babylon Units Revealed At DWE 2014

This past weekend, Dust World Expo 2014 was held in Mesa, AZ. The Dust Studio crew were there and brought along some new units to show off in the display cabinets. Photos were taken and posted on Facebook, and subsequently on the World of Dust forums.

Allied Babylon figures. Photo by Steve Kenniff.

As well as the forum thread, more photos can be found on the Dust Tactics and Warfare Group on Facebook (not to be confused with the official Dust group).

Battlefront Shows Off New Dust Warfare Decks

Battlefront has updated World of Dust with a look at the forthcoming Dust Warfare cards. The update shows off a few units that haven’t been seen yet in new card form, and introduces command cards which are reference cards that should help avoid a lot of mid-game rulebook page flipping. These have abilities and damage tables on them.

New Dust Warfare card for the Fireball.

The new cards look great and will cost $10 MSRP per pack. They’re still scheduled for release this month.

CaZ: Grim Reapers Inspected, Orpheus Ends

Clash957 has updated Clash at Zverograd with the seventh and final scenario in the Operation: Orpheus campaign. Escape from Zverograd sees Manfred and the Marauders with their acquired target desperately trying to escape Zverograd and get to their rendezvous point. Will they make it? That’s up to you to find out when you play!

Clash also posted an inspection of the Grim Reapers, a staple unit in many Allies armies and widely considered as one of the best units in the game. As usual he looks at the unit’s weapons, some useful upgrades and also provides an army list that the Grims could fit into.

Finally, I’d like to thank Clash for his post about the UK Open 2014. It goes into considerable depth on the ins and outs of getting to and playing in a tournament. Definitely check it out if you’d like to play in Birmingham but are a little unsure about it.

WW2 Tanks From Blitzkreig Miniatures

The official Dust miniatures aren’t the only miniatures used in Dust, and lots of people use additional tanks and vehicles from WW2 in their games. One company that produces those additions is Blitzkreig Miniatures, which has a range of resin tank models in 1/48 (Dust’s scale) and 1/56 scale, such as a great Firefly model and a particularly impressive impression of the Maus.

Blitzkreig will be at Salute 2014 if you’d like to go and check out their wares. I think I’ll be passing a few coins their way in the near future! Thanks to Scott from Dust Australis for the heads-up on the ODFG.

CaZ: Orpheus Continues, Inspecting Heavies

Clash957 has updated Clash at Zverograd with two new installments for Operation: Orpheus, the ongoing campaign that follows the Axis hero Manfred and his team on a secret mission in Zverograd. Cantral Park at Night finds the team up against an Allied patrol in Zverograd Central Park. Then, in Eurydice Found, we discover the ultimate goal of Manfred’s mission.

Clash has also uploaded a couple of new Unit Inspections, one for the SSU IS-48 Super Heavy Tank, and one for the Axis Schwer Panzer Kamplaufer III. Well worth reading for a quick overview of what each unit can do in battle.

Operation Chimera At Dropzone Games, March 15th

On March 15th, Dropzone Games, that huge games store in Glen Burnie, MD, will host Operation Chimera, a day-long Dust Warfare campaign organised by DDI Post 35 that’s a bit different to the usual tournament!

Operation Chimera is a day long, multi battle campaign where factions vie for control of the land and the VK deposits scattered over it. Players are not only fighting for the individual victory (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) but also for the overall victory of their faction.

Each player will bring four army lists for four rounds of games. Each round will have different requirements and conditions for the army lists based on the faction the player plays and their position on the registration list.

For more details, including the scenario and campaign PDFs, check out the post on the DDI forums, and if you’re in the area (or even if you’re not) then why not head down and fight for your faction?

Dust Australis: Babylon Dustifications

Scott has updated Dust Australis with several new posts in which he shows off several new Dustifications with a desert theme, including Allied heavy armour, Axis armoured vehicles, Allied armoured vehicles and the M26 Pershing tank that has been so popular recently among Dust modellers.

Allied heavy tank destroyer. Conversion and painting by Scott Robertson.

Loads of photos are included in each post, and as usual with Scott’s work it all looks great. Well worth checking out for a taste of the theatre that Dust is about to head into.

CaZ: Operation: Orpheus Scenarios 3 And 4

Over on Clash at Zverograd, Clash957 has posted the third and fourth scenarios in Operation: Orpheus campaign. Scenario 3, Shadows of the Reich, finds Manfred and his Marauders up against some Nazi dissidents still clinging to the old regime. Then, in Scenario 4, Slowing the Red Storm, Manfred’s team try to alert Axis forces about an SSU offensive.

The scenarios are nicely done, as is the whole of the Operation so far.