UFMP: SSU Red Tornado Unboxing Video

The final wave 8.2 unboxing video has gone up on YouTube. In this one, I take a look at the SSU’s Red Tornado Steel Guards Assault Squad.

As always with the unboxing videos (well, since wave 8 at least!) you can win this unit by just leaving a comment on the video’s page. Also, be sure to subscribe to be pinged when the next video goes up. Cheers!

4 Responses to UFMP: SSU Red Tornado Unboxing Video

  1. Your unboxing videos are getting much smoother. I think the red tornado are the best of the steel guard in terms of play balance so far. It would be nice if the steel guard had a thematic Russian name like the defense squads. Did you notice? Are the heads of the soldiers in the suits removable for swapping?

    • I’m not sure if the heads are removable. Most heads on Dust models can come off these days, although it might be tricky through all that armour!

  2. Hey Alex,

    First off, I wanted to say thanks for what you do for the Dust community, the site looks great. People like you who take the time to do this stuff is a big part of keeping the game going in my opinion!

    Initially, I wasn’t all that hot on the Steel Guard models, there was something I just wasn’t liking about them. Then I watched your videos, and being able to get a good close up look at them, how they move a bit and such, I think I’m now sold!

    Thanks again for doing what you do!