Operation Babylon Kickstarter Begins

The kickstarter for Operation Babylon began yesterday evening, and the project is already beyond 100% funded. As of writing this post, almost 500 people have pledged to the kickstarter, raising almost twice the initial $50,000 target, and most of the early bird pledges have been snapped up.

It’s also interesting that this is a Dust Studio kickstarter project, not a Battlefront one. Some have expressed concern that Battlefront should be able to easily fund production of new Dust expansions, but the models have always been designed and manufactured in-house at Dust Studio, which is a much smaller company.

Have you pledged to the kickstarter, or plan to?

3 comments on “Operation Babylon Kickstarter Begins

  1. I pledged at the $150 level — I’m basically thinking of it as a preorder of the SSU army at a reasonable price (with the possibility of some bonus stuff, “”stretch goals,” getting added in).

  2. I just thought I respond to your question about the Dust Studios kickstarter. I think the campaign is a great idea I like seeing all the up coming Babylon models and the support from the Dust community. That being said I don’t plan on participating because I don’t usually buy large numbers of figures at once. The nice thing about Dust Warfare is that you don’t need to buy the newest figures right away to stay competitive. A good player can beat anything in the game just using the stuff from the basic rulebook. Eventually I will get all the wave 9 miniatures because they look good and will add more depth to the game, however I am still having trouble picturing Rommel in a skirmish game.

  3. I’ve made two pledges (had to create another account for the second pledge). One for an axis and another for the allied set. A guy I play with is in for the premium SSU package. The prices are a bit higher than I’d like to pay, but I feel good supporting Paolo and the dust franchise directly. It’s nice to see warfare and tactics cards come with the Babylon units. Battlefront is sticking to their word in regard to warfare support, and you can now play three different games with these beautiful pieces. When FFG has another holiday sale all if us warfare players should band together and buy up all there books so Battlefront can actually get on with creating their own. Maybe a warfare player kickstarter to raise enough money and buy FFG off.

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