New Units At Dust Day Boulogne

This past weekend, a Dust Tactics tournament took place at Club de Boulogne in Paris, France, and lots of photos from the event have been posted to the French site Dust Warfare Planet. Both Paolo Parente and Olivier Zamfirescu from Dust Studio were there, as well as some people from the Dust community.

Of particular interest to both Warfare and Tactics players will be the new units that were shown off including Axis and Allied heavy walkers, SSU weapons teams and the fabled Allied aircraft.

Allied aircraft at Dust Day Bolougne.

Check out the thread for more photos from the event.

[05/12/12: Edited to clarify that the event took place in Paris, not the town of Boulogne.]

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  1. Looking closely at the picture with all the vehicles One thing came to mind. “Is that a Luther With a Jet Pack?!?”

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