Latest Dust Studio Roundup

Dust Studio has been busy recently with new releases and announcements. Here’s a quick roundup of what they’ve been up to.

First up is the Axis Prinzluther heavy walker, available as a premium pre-painted model.

Premium Axis Prinzluther heavy walker

Next, Justine & Co. Maintenance Contractors. These ladies are mechanics for hire from the Neutral Nations Organisation and aren’t a game unit, but can be used to enhance a table. The models are supplied as a kit that requires assembly.

Justine & Co. Maintenance Contractors

Now let’s turn to the Axis Tank Commanders. These guys are sculpted in winter uniform, and have caused some concern lately for being a bit pricey at $26 (including shipping) for just two half-models. They look good, though, and might be nice to have on a really nicely-painted walker you’re proud of. They’re resin models and need to be assembled.

Axis Tank Commanders

The SSU KV47 recovery walkers are meant to rescue fallen walkers on the battlefield, but pack a punch if they have to shoot (or swing) at something. In game terms, they’re actually undercosted as SSU walkers go, and their points cost is more in line with Axis and Allied walkers. The Mikhail, Maksim, Marlen and Melor variants are available for pre-order as premium models. Of course, when the regular FFG box is released, you’ll be able to make all of these guys from the parts inside the box.

SSU Mikhail KV47-G recovery walker

Finally, the Allies have some premium heavy weapons teams available for pre-order. The Choppers are a heavy machine gun team while the Leathernecks are a heavy mortar team. It’s understandable why some might prefer to get these guys as pre-painted models, as they can be tricky to paint!

The Choppers Allied heavy weapons team

Dust Studio has certainly been busy lately, and it doesn’t look like they’ll slow down any time soon (except for Chinese New Year, when the studio will be closed from February 4th to 21st).

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