FFG Lines Up New Units For Battle

FFG has announced new units for all three factions, including aircraft, suicidal zombies, and some weapons platforms.

First up, the official announcement of the first Allied aircraft, which now has a name: the P-48 Pelican.

P-48 Pelican Allied Aircraft, Bellowing Bertie configuration

The Pelican comes in two configurations: the Diving Dotty and the Bellowing Bertie (pictured). The former is equipped with 500kg bombs, while the latter comes with Ground Rockets. Both versions have Triple Dual .50 cal machine guns.

Next up, the Axis Ubertoten Suicide Squad (not to be confused with the Ubertoten Assault squad announced late last year).

Axis Ubertoten Suicide Squad

These guys live up to their unit’s name. They’re equipped with Magnetic Mines which they can use to blow up armour, after softening up said armour a bit with their Panzerfaust 100s.

Finally, the SSU will receive a fresh supply of the BR 47 Self-Propelled Weapons Platform.

SSU Br 47 Self-Propelled Weapons Platform, Red Rain configuration

This vehicle can be used in either the Red Fury or Red Rain (pictured) configuration. The Red Fury boasts a 100mm M1946, while the Red Rain has a 200mm Heavy Mortar that works well with Observers to shell enemy targets.

The announcement doesn’t state a release date for these new units, giving only “in the near future” as a release window. But given the inclusion of the Allied aircraft, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them released as part of the Icarus wave.