Dust War: Zombie Clown Car

OldHat has posted a new theorycrafting article at Dust War in which he takes a look at how you could mix the recently-released Sturmprinz heavy walker with a lot of zombies.

In this list, we see the Totenmeister and her special platoon, which is shocking to me. Never did I think it would be worth running, but here it is! Mostly, this set-up is here to allow access to the Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (instead of the double Blutkreuz option that is used below). Why bother with the Kommandotrupp? One German word – Blitzkrieg! Nothing like a free 6” move to really force those transports forward.

A couple of 300 AP army lists are provided to show off the idea, including one with three Sturmprinz! Better start painting those undead legions!