Dust War: Hades Unit Upgrades

Over at Dust War, OldHat has published a new article in which he takes a look at the new unit upgrades from Campaign Book Hades. In this article he goes into much more depth on the upgrades than in his BoLS article.

It is hard not to stress how huge of a deal this is for Dust players. Usually, we are left with our “stock” units, with a few able to upgrade with additional weapons. With the release of Campaign Book: Hades, we now have more ways to expand our unit options and of course, spend those last few filler points.

The unit upgrades are a great new addition to the game and a reason in itself to get the new book. Check out the article to find out which upgrades your faction (or factions!) will be able to pick from.

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  1. Old Hat certainly knows the game very well. Its good to see other players share their knowledge to help the other players out.

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