Dust War: Chainsaws, Molotovs And Heavy Weapons

Dust War has a couple of new articles up focusing on SSU and Axis units.

First up, OldHat revisits an earlier idea in which he wrote about using Natalya, the SSU’s “chainsaw walker”, but this time together with some molotov-chucking Red Guards Assault Squads in a Red Platoon from CB Hades.

Each Red Storm squad is like your average Frontoviki Battle Squad, but on steroids. They have four UGLs and five Molotov Cocktails, meaning all sorts of unpleasantness. The UGLs can put Suppression down on multiple units, meaning an easier time for the Natalya to get in and start hugging it out with the enemy. Or, they can combine the two to wreak havoc on nearby armor. All of this comes with the standard anti-Soldier 2 firepower, too.

The article also contains an army list to show the concept, and a scary one it is, too!

In the other article, Reichsmarschall Grot looks at the recently-released Jagdgrenadiere and Laser Jagdgrenadiere, and whether or not they’re worth taking in an Axis army.

On a board full of vehicle 3 and less I can see the potential of a standard team out-performing a Laser team with High-Vis for 4 AP less, but again, nobody fields such lists yet. Do I think that a Jagdgrenadiere team is worth $15? In the current state of the game, honestly probably not. I’m not fielding any, nor am I really making lists where I might want them. Do I think that with Icarus or beyond they will start to have more opportunities to shine? Absolutely.

Check out the article to see why and how Grot came to that conclusion.