Dust War: Axis Highlights 2.0

Over at Dust War, Reichsmarschall Grot has published a great look at the Axis faction at this point in time, with the benefit of having played the faction for a while. The overview is split into Walkers, Lasers, Apes and Zombies, Soldier 3, Heroes, and a quick look towards Icarus.

It is of my most esteemed opinion that outside of Winter’s Child the Axis have 2 of the most dangerous heroes in the game. Markus and Angela. Both of them have high destructive potential and are extreme force multipliers when attached to a respective unit. Anyone fielding at least one unit of Gorillas should be fielding Markus. He triples the units DC, adds more attacks and gives the potency of the Charge rule.

Because Grot plays Axis, the article was never going to be completely unbiased, but if you play Axis it’ll put a smile on your face. On the other hand, if you don’t play Axis and disagree with some of the points in the article, then start a discussion!