Dust D-Day Results From UK Games Expo 2014

Yesterday (June 1st), Dust D-Day was held at UK Games Expo 2014. The tournament was a small one, but nevertheless much fun was had. The results from the tournament are:

Anthony Crosbee (SSU): 26 MP, 450 BP
Biff Hopely (Allies): 23 MP, 245 BP
John Humpage (Axis): 19 MP, 235 BP
Alex Wukovich (Axis): 9 MP, 20 BP

Best Painted Army: Alex Wukovich

(MP = Match Points, BP = Break Points)

Congrats to Ant for taking first place with a list that, since getting home, I’ve dubbed “Steel Tractor” (two BR47 weapons platforms with some Steel Guard and regular troops). John’s list was also a bit spicy with three Hortens! (Two 347s and a 357.) Biff’s list was a mixture of a Fireball, Grim Reapers and some friends, while my list featured lots of infantry including three zombie units and Grenadier X.

Thanks to John for running the tournament and giving me the results to post. Plenty of people stopped by the Dust tables to say hi and ask questions about the game, which we were happy to answer. If you were one of them, hello! I hope we piqued your interest and that you’ll give Dust Warfare a go sometime soon.

The next UK Dust Warfare tournament is in planning for later this year: what would have been the UK Open, but isn’t going to be called the UK Open after all. More news on that later this month!

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