End Transmission…

With a heavy heart I have to announce that, as of today, Unit Forward has closed. Winter Storm has also been cancelled. Thank you to everyone who has visited the site, listened to a Zero Station podcast, watched a video on the YouTube channel, or said hello on social media or email.

This wasn’t a decision that I took lightly. There were many factors behind the closure, but I won’t bore you with a long post explaining them.

Dust Warfare was the wargame that brought me back to wargames, and is still the only wargame that I have ever taken up within my first session of playing. It’s still amazing, and if you enjoy playing it then keep doing so! I’m not going to sell my models, so if you ever find yourself in London then let’s have a game!

Thanks once again to everyone for 26 months full of ups and downs. It was an experience that I don’t think I’ll forget in a hurry.

– Alex

Dust: Evolution, The Dust Videogame

Dust: Evolution is the name of the long-rumoured Dust videogame. The game’s Facebook page and website were quietly launched last month, and recently came to the community’s attention thanks to a post on the official Facebook group.

Dust: Evolution.

Not much is known about the game at the moment, apart from that it’ll be an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game. The developer, PixelWarps Studios, seems to be a new studio that was put together for the project, given that Google doesn’t have much on file about them.

According to the website, there will be a kickstarter project for Dust: Evolution, and you can sign up for a newsletter at the Dust Evolution website to stay informed on the game. Also, as well as the Facebook page, you can follow Dust Evolution on Twitter, as well as PixelWarps Studios.

First Operation Damocles Draft Released

Over at the Dust43 blog, the first draft of the Operation Damocles campaign book for Dust Warfare has been released. The goal of the book is to begin to introduce AT-43 units into the war that has encircled the globe, although at the moment it mainly features the UNA.

The book itself is very much still in production, and right now has some background information along with a Steel Trooper Damocles platoon, the UNA stat cards that have been made so far, and some information about the overall project. It uses the newer and cleaner campaign book format that was introduced with Operation Achilles.

If you’d like to help the project in some way, be sure to make yourself known on the Dust/AT-43 Facebook group where it all began.

Brückenkopf Online Reviews Axis Armoured Transport

German site Brückenkopf Online has posted a review of the Axis Armoured Transport, better known as the Prinzluther or Sturmprinz. The review is in German, but if you don’t speak the language then a service like Google Translate can help.

DSC_0117Axis Armoured Transport. Photo: Brückenkopf Online.

The review looks at the differences between the two walker configurations, and also touches on size comparison and painting, with lots of photos to accompany the text.

CaZ: BBQ Squad In The Spotlight

Clash957 has put the BBQ Squad in the spotlight in the latest Unit Inspection at Clash at Zverograd. As is standard policy for UIs, the squad is interrogated to find out what they can do, who they can mix with and how they could be upgraded.

The BBQ Squad is an original Core Rulebook unit for the Allies, and Clash notes that they might not have aged so well with the introduction of newer units. Does this unit still have a place in Allies armies? Let us know your thoughts over in the post’s comments!

Dust Australis: British Babylon Armour

Over at Dust Australis, Scott has posted some photos of custom British armour for Operation Babylon. These are the first of four walkers and APCs for Scott’s British troops.

The walker and APC feature Tamiya parts (a Crusader tank was involved in the making of the walker) and are nicely painted up, ready for action in the desert.

A Loft Full of Lead: Magnetising The Sarge

Over at A Loft Full of Lead, Coronasan has posted a nice write-up on how he magnetised Sergeant Percy Washington, the Allied hero also known as Sergeant Victory. Because the Sarge can operated in either airborne or ground mode, the idea was to magnetise the flight stand and his foot so his current state can be quickly represented during a game.

It’s a nice idea and not too hard to do. Why not try it if you have some spare and appropriately sized magnets lying around?

Dust Rattenkreig: Node-Style Zverograd Campaign Rules

Over at Dust Rattenkreig, Ken has posted some custom campaign rules that he and his group are currently using for a Zverograd-based Dust Warfare campaign. It’s a “node-style” campaign, which means that the action flows from point to point, instead of territory to territory.

The campaign rules are nicely designed with a wartime feel. Ken also posted a quick update on round 1 of his group’s campaign.

Dust-43 On Facebook

Some members of the Dust community have started a Facebook group to discuss taking AT-43 units and using them in Dust. A lot of Dust players came into Dust from AT-43, and if you’ve still got your old stuff lying around then this might be a nice way to eventually bring them back to the table!

AT-43 is often thought of as the spiritual predecessor of Dust, and it’d be pretty cool to see the likes of Cogs, Therians or UNA fighting with and against the Axis, Allies and SSU!

CaZ: Inspecting Rosie

Clash957 has posted a new Unit Inspection over at Clash at Zverograd, in which he takes a look at Rosie, the Allied mechanic hero. The UI goes over what Sgt. Donovan can bring to the fight, and some ways to include her in an army.

The UI also features a sample double-Fireball Drop army list that would be extremely risky to play, but which shows how Rosie might be included into an Allies army.

Dust Australis: Japanese Armour And Wheeled Axis

Scott at Dust Australis has posted some of his finished custom Japanese and Axis units in anticipation of future theatres in the world of Dust. These include a Japanese tank and heavy laser squad, as well as an assortment of walkers which are fighting for the armies of the rising sun.

Japanese artillery walker. Painting, conversion and photo by Scott Robertson.

Scott has also completed a great Axis motorbike team in preparation for Operation Babylon, which really should become an official model.

WNT: Captured Axis Trucks

At Wargaming Ninja Turtles, Guillaume has posted some nice conversions of a couple of Axis cargo trucks that were captured by the Allies. The trucks were converted from Tamiya 1/48 scale models and were suitably dustified to make them look the part.

Axis Cargo Truck. Painting, conversion and photo by Guillaume Sartem.

The post features plenty of photos which show off the trucks with added Axis weapon sets and the infamous Justine and co. maintenance contractors.

A Chinese Intro To Dust Warfare

From time to time I like to highlight Dust articles and posts from around the world that show that Dust, and specifically Dust Warfare truly is a global game. On the Chinese blog “THERE`s BOARD Game”, Yuan Mike has written a few posts about getting started in Dust Warfare for a Chinese audience.

First up is an introduction to the game, which is followed by a look at how Warfare unit cards work. The latest post takes a look at the Dust Warfare Force Builder and how to use it to construct an Axis platoon using the latest Axis starter set, along with a quick example using SSU units, and all with helpful images.

You can use Google Chrome’s built-in translation, Google Translate, or a similar service to translate the blog if you don’t read Chinese. But whether you’re a Chinese speaker or not, why not leave a comment on Mike’s blog and say hello?

Announcing Winter Storm 2014

Winter Storm 2014 logo.

Winter Storm is an exciting new Dust Warfare tournament that will take place at Wayland Games Centre in Hockley, England, on Saturday, October 18th, 2014. It’ll be a 300 AP tournament and will cost only £7 to enter if you pre-book (or £9 on the day), which includes lunch in the ticket price!

All units with official stats up to and including Operation Babylon (assuming it’s out by October) will be legal for the tournament. Fancy taking those shiny new Kickstarter units out for a spin?

Prizes will include Dust goodies and a trophy or plaque for the top three players, as well as a prize for Best Painted Army. The actual prize contents are still being worked out at the moment and more news on that will follow soon.

To start with, 8 ticket slots have been allocated, but more can be opened up if necessary. Grab your ticket directly from Wayland Games Centre today, and help to support UK Dust Warfare at the same time!

Check out the Winter Storm page for more information on the event. You’ll also find an event page on Facebook.

See you at Winter Storm!

CaZ: The Red Command Gets An Inspection

Clash957 has posted a new Unit Inspection over on Clash at Zverograd, this time looking at the Red Guards Command Squad, aka Red Command, for the SSU.

The Red Command can lead the Red Guards platoon, so the UI takes a look at their special ability, which heroes might work with the unit, and also which commissars might want to fight with them before going drinking afterwards.