Welcome To Unit Forward!

Welcome! Unit Forward focuses on Dust Warfare, a fantastic (in more ways than one) wargame that was originally written and published by Fantasy Flight Games under licence from Dust Studio, and is now published by Battlefront Miniatures. Dust Warfare launched on April 18th, 2012 to general acclaim.

Unit Forward launched on July 1st 2012 because the site founder, Alex, had fallen in love with how well Dust Warfare plays. He wanted to provide a great resource for the then-fledgling Dust Warfare community. He also wanted to make sure that Dust Warfare wasn’t just another game that came out, everyone played, and then discarded for the next shiny new thing.

This website aims to provide news, articles, opinions and strategy on all things Dust Warfare and, indeed, Dust in general. A major focus is to help bring more people into the game and to help to push the community ever onwards and upwards.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll come back soon!


The site runs on WordPress, and is hosted at the excellent HawkHost.com. It is regularly tested in most major browsers (although if anyone knows who at Microsoft codes Internet Explorer, and which Nerf gun has the highest rate of fire, please let Alex know; those two lines of inquiry may or may not be related!).

The site uses HTML5 and CSS3 with fallbacks in place. This means that it’s ready for tomorrow, but is usable today.